One of the apps built with our App creation technology— Nutridi

by Peadar Coyle and Salih Kasım Benli

We used Expo managed flow for a year. Here are some things we’ve learned over the past 18 months with a small developer team.

Aflorithmic Labs ( is a deep-tech focused startup that’s building a platform for brands to create personalized audio experiences…

(Disclaimer: Working on something exciting and new in the audio/voice space, but we’re still in stealth mode — you can DM me on the internets to find out more)

I was recently listening to the podcast mentioned here this is where Marc Andressen the legendary investor and thinker about technology said:

Audio is going to be titanically important — Marc Andressen

Now it’s worth digging deep into why that’s the case. Here are 5 reasons I’m excited about audio/voice…

Peadar Coyle

Cofounder of building a simple developer tools for adding audio to your applications

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